Create beautiful art work at home on your own time.

CREATIVE KIDS makes it easy for you to foster creativity at home with simple art projects. Your kids will feel proud of their artwork and so will you.

Let them get creative while you get dinner ready---OR sit down and enjoy the art activity together with your child!


You will no longer feel like you have to learn everything yourself first or spend hours searching Pinterest or YouTube.


This is still a work in progress so we don't have it all together, yet! 

Create Beautiful ART
at Home!

Video is a powerful and inspiring way to learn art. YouTube can be an overwhelming mess of content and ads, and most art instruction is not aimed for children. Video classes can easily introduce kids to art activities, artists and techniques at home. 

Let's Face It, Family
Life is Busy!

  You know art is an important way to foster children’s creativity, but life is just busy. You’ve been on Pinterest and have boards full of art activities to do with the kids. Getting started seems so overwhelming!

Creativity is Important!

Art is an easy and fun way to foster children’s creativity. The benefits of art include problem-solving abilities, fine motor skills, literacy, building confidence, connecting with others, and a greater understanding of themselves and the world.

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