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The Art Studio provides high quality art instruction taught by experienced artists and educators. We value collaboration, creativity, and community in order to provide the highest quality creative learning environment. Through our doors you will find a working studio, children and adults enjoying learning and creating during class time, students' artwork on display, and an inviting space to spend time. 


High Quality Art Instruction

At The Art Studio, we believe in a discipline based approach to visual art education which calls for the teaching of content and skills from four disciplines that contribute to creating, understanding and appreciating art: art production, art history, art criticism and aesthetics. Our students learn not only how to make art, but how art has been made, and how it relates to their lives, through historical and interdisciplinary perspectives. Integral to our teaching is the study of artists, past and present, whose lives we present to stimulate student inquiry and creative expression.  Students also learn how to appreciate and evaluate artworks. Our role as an art teachers is to facilitate student learning and problem solving, as artists to create an environment for art making and as teachers to structure a process for experience and understanding. It is our goal to help students realize their own strengths and help them build and grow not only as an artists but also as individuals.


Small Classes

We know the importance and power of just the right class size—large enough for students to interact with and learn from one another, but small enough for individual teacher attention. At The Art Studio, we keep classes small with an average student-teacher ratio of 8:1.


Functional, Comfortable, and Inspiring Space

Both children and adults work best in a space that serves it's purpose functionally, but focuses on a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing environment. These combined elements inspire us to create to our fullest potential. Our space may be small, but we surround ourselves with beautiful artwork and an inspiring space that leads to enhanced creativity, calm, and comfort within our walls. We take care and pride in all aspects of our business, and hope you enjoy your Art Studio time as much as we do!