OUR STORY - The Art Studio

After having children and being a stay home mama for a few years, I was looking for a way to creatively re-enter the work force.  I really wanted to balance working and still be home with my kids.  At this time, I was creating my own oil paintings and showing them in a local art gallery.  I adore painting–it’s so therapeutic! But as a former art teacher, I was constantly being asked when I would teach a class.  I truly love teaching art. So, I began brainstorming on what to do. I decided to run an art camp for the summer and see what kind of interest I could get.  I just needed a space. So I started asking everyone I knew if someone would let me use a space for cheap. 

One afternoon, I got a text from a friend with a name and phone number.  I got the space and I just prayed for kids to show up.  I put flyers in all of the schools, called people, created a Facebook page. I planned 6 weeks of fun, creative activities that taught art history and art fundamentals.  The kids were happy, building confidence, making new friends, and learning art.  By then, I found that I loved it. I had found my passion.  And The Art Studio was born.



I did what came natural to me, which was art and teaching.  I realized that I wanted to provide a studio that was expansive enough to cover a wide range of art formats and experience levels.  In 2015, I opened my studio at 118 N Ross Street. I began offering art camps, art classes and art workshops.  


My favorite part of this journey is the children.  I get to see them grow into talented, confident individuals!  My student’s parents have become friends. I have the opportunity to support our local schools and families and provide a need in our community.  I am so appreciative to have great community support and a sense of belonging within it.  I hope to get to know you soon!