Pumpkin Painting

It’s beginning to feel like Fall! And that means the golden colored leaves, mums, sitting by the fire pit and pumpkins! I don’t know about you, but carving the jack-o-lanterns isn’t exactly my favorite part of this time of the year. While I love the effect of a glowing pumpkin on my porch on All Hallows Eve, I’m not exactly crazy about the slimy, seedy mess that goes along with carving pumpkins. Plus, a carved pumpkin only lasts for a few days. 

I have a great idea for making pretty pumpkins without a single knife or slimy seed! Painting pumpkins is easy and less messy. (Even with glitter!)

Here’s what you need:

Small Pumpkins various sizes 

White paint

Variety of colors (craft paint works best)



Modge Podge 

Cover your surface. Use kraft paper or newspaper to hold the mess. 

Prep your pumpkins. Your pumpkins will thank you! Paint a base coat of white paint over the entire pumpkin. Let them dry. 

Paint your pumpkins! Paint the lightest color first. This is best if you need to correct things.

Once you are finished, paint a coat of Modge Pogde over the pumpkin to seal the paint.

Ideas for painting:

Paint the pumpkin a light, solid color, yellow or pink for example. Then go back and paint circles.

The grooves of the pumpkins make it so easy to do a striped painting. 

Paint the pumpkin a solid color then sprinkle with glitter while the paint is still wet.

Paint a jack o lantern face.

Let this be a process for your kids. Don’t worry about the outcome. Just let them paint! 


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